Every time you visit an airport to fly to a new destination, you are expected to spend some amount of time in the airport terminals. And to ensure that your wait time is comforting and keeping you engaged, creating beautiful and functional terminals has been the biggest challenge for the designers for over the years. Due to which airports all across the world have constantly been evolving with add-ons starting from the design, cafes and comforting lounges.

Changes in runways, terminals, aircraft, and passenger demands are continuously impacting airport functionality. There is great news for all those travelers who prefer Private Jet planes as many private charter airports are drawing inspirations from the luxury hotel market.

In the airline industry, the enterprise that operates and provides aviation services in the terminals are also referred to as Fixed Base Operators or FBO’s. The FBOs are granted permission by the airport authority to provide fuel service, aircraft maintenance, hangar, ground transport, as well as catering services. The aircraft have always received a lot of pampering whereas passengers have to feel satisfied with whatever facilities are available.

However, times are changing, and the facilities at the airport terminals are expected to compete with the price and passenger’s demands. Here are seven things you can expect at the airport terminal if you are flying on a private jet that is continuously improving to keep the customer satisfied to come back for a more private flying experience.

Private plane lounge with butler1. Excellent High-Level Amenities

Gone are those days when you have to wait in a lousy lounge while you private charter is getting ready to fly off. Nowadays, the majority of the private airport terminals have undergone facelifts with some of the world class amenities. When you talk about high-level amenities, it includes everything from gourmet catering, play areas, exercise facilities, lounges, conference rooms, nap rooms, concierge service and more.

2. Classy Lounges

The single airport lounges have improved a lot in recent years. The private charter traveler comes with high expectations, especially when it comes to the comfort and the style. The lounges are redesigned with super comfortable chairs, bar, workspace, and in some perhaps the spa area as well. Some of the airports in places like Los Angeles have included foosball tables and hammocks for a quick dose of entertainment- just in case you get bored playing games or have to wait for your travel buddies.

3. Excellent Wifi Access

The access to the Wifi has become one the top priority for all the airport terminals, especially when catering to the business flyers. Before many FBOs faced the security and bandwidth issues to meet the flyer’s demand. In the last few years, many companies have invested in this niche and upgraded the overall performance, connection issues to provide their customers with smooth and excellent wifi experience.

4. Luxury Retails

Since private jets cater to special clientele, the private jet airports have been collaborating and partnering with premium brands to give their customer experience of luxury on every step they take out of their plane. For example, you will see luxury brand stores like Harrods, Cartier, Chanel, Rolex, Versace, and many others opened in many airports across the world.

Along with fancy lounges and posh spas, the terminals are home to retailers like Hugo Boss, Christian Dior, and many big names.  So if you are early and want to kill some time shopping, then you can treat yourself with the utmost luxury.

The hotels like Hiltons’ have also partnered with FBOs to give passengers to a straight walk off from the plane into the hotel. Isn’t that the height of luxury and convenience making these airports more attractive for all the savvy spenders.

5. Fine Dining Experience

Whether you like vegetarian food, or a tasty Merlot aficionado and steak, the catering service on the private jet terminals will spoil your taste buds with some fantastic food. You will never return to the reheated dreaded fish or chicken options for your take away. All the dietary restrictions and preferences are well accommodated.

6. No Long Queues

When you fly by private plane, your arrival is handled efficiently and quickly just like your departure process. While you only have to declare the baggage upon arrival, you do not have to waste time enduring the crowds and queues like commercial airports. Instead, your arrival process will quickly get over with the stamp on your passport.

Exclusive terminal in Singapore7. Your Private Terminal

Taking a private charter plane will help you save time going through all other usual rigmarole of standing in the queue, boarding pass, etc. Instead, you will be greeted by the pilot on the arrival and the ground crew who will take your luggage, and you are ready to get going.  If you are running behind, don’t worry your plane won’t leave without you. If you have a sudden change in the the aircraft, your route can be managed instantly. You can finish your business meeting, stop for some shopping, finish your meal – consider it as your private terminal.

Over last few years, the private charter service has become highly popular and in demand. Once you experience a private jet flight, you will understand WHY! There are plenty of reasons for such a growing interest including privacy, efficiency, comfort, time-saving and greater convenience that these flights provide which is mostly above the business class and first class seats offered by the commercial flyers.

Airports are exceptionally busy, and the larger ones can be confusing with quite intimidating security measures. That explains the growing popularity of private charter services and more people choosing these highly convenient and time-saving private jets over the commercial flights. It’s not just the luxury but the freedom of choosing your way to travel and experience the best.

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