Did you know landscaping can really make a lot of difference to look and vibe of your house? Attractive trees, shrubs, turf, and plants can add beauty as well as value to your property. And if you see the practical benefit of a planned landscape, it also helps in providing natural wind, proper drainage, and weather screening.

For many house owners looking to upgrade their property, a well-planned landscape design around the house is the solution. Here’s why designing the landscape for your property is important:

Getting rid of unwanted pests in your landscaping project●     Enhancing Curb Appeal

When you drive around the neighborhood, you might have noticed how some houses look very attractive than others. In most of the cases, it’s the landscaping- the way they manage their garden, sitting, and lighting around the house. If you also dream of having such an amazing looking house, then planning a landscape design is the first step.

●     Conserving Local Ecosystem

Besides improving your curb appeal, proper landscape designing can also help in preserving the local resources. When you add plants and trees near to your house, it can impact the surrounding by preventing soil erosion and cleaning the air and attracting different varieties of birds around your area and promotes a well balanced natural ecosystem.

●     Increasing Property’s Value

A good landscape design not only adds beauty and comfort but also increase the overall worth of your house. The real estate buyers place an attractive price on well-maintained properties and with trees and plants in your garden can directly add more value to the house. In case you are looking for the good resale value of your house, remember that landscape planning can add more value than the interior renovations.

●     Entertaining Play Area

Another great advantage of having a well-designed landscape is the comfort and relax environment outside your house. Adding pathways, light, trees, hardscaping, and plants to your house, you can spend time with your family and enjoy small games and do other entertaining things.

Landscaping Tips For Pest Control

While this was all about the benefits of landscape designing for your properly, another thing that you may not be aware of maintenance and landscaping is that it also minimizes the insect activity. How? Let’s understand how can it make different in pest activity. Landscaping can often give insects an optimal environment with moisture and food for growth and reproduction. The longer they stay around unnoticed, greater the possibility of them finding their way into your house.

●     Selecting the Right Plants

Choosing the right plants and trees for your property is important to keep the insects away. For example, try not to add plants that can attract ants, aphids and other plant-feeding insects. It would better to take advice from professional landscaper about the plants that can attract pest problems in the area.

●     Trim The Overgrown

Trees with large branches and leaves can provide secure space for insects in your yard. For squirrels, rodents, and raccoons, branches act as highways into your property and can cause the ruckus. Make sure you cut the dead limbs, remove dry leaves especially the ones close to the roofs. Keep leaves rakes, debris removed, grass moved from the outdoor yard.

●     Mulching

Mulching helps in retaining moisture in the soil which is also good for keeping plants hydrated. The organic mulch is great for plants growth, but they provide space for many insects such as ants, termites, earwigs, centipedes, and rats. Therefore, to avoid feeding thirsty insects, try to keep the mulch almost 5 to 6 inches away from the foundation of your house. Also, remove all the old mulch from your yard. You can also learn more about how to mulch properly and save your yard from the infestation of bugs by using dried cedar mulch.

Water features in your landscape design can attract pests●     Water Features

Pests and plants both need water to grow and survive, but try to avoid overwatering. Make sure you check the sprinklers and don’t let water around the building foundation as it will lead to the collection of moisture attracting more bugs around that area. Direct all the rainwater and downspouts into the proper drainage system. If there is a fountain or other water feature in your yard, always keep it well maintained so that they do not become a breeding area for the insects. Clean the plant trays, contains and bird baths after the heavy rainfall.  A good drainage system will prevent water pooling and keeping away the unwanted insects around the house.

●     Set up The Buffer Area

Many insects including ants, cockroaches, centipedes, and also mice can access the building by climbing up the branches of trees, climbers and shrubs around you. To prevent this from happening, install approximately 2-3 foot wide gravel boundary around your house that will act as a barrier and will discourage crawling insects from getting close to the walls of your building.

●     Hire Professionals

Finally getting help from a professional pest control service team can take away all your worries. New York pest control exterminators offer customized pest control treatments for all types of properties. From early inspection to the identification of the threats, they will create the complete control strategy with regular monitoring.

While small bugs have always been a natural part of every garden and help in battling other pests, some of the insects can be troublesome and can damage your greenhouse, garden, and home. The landscaping techniques will give you the necessary protection again many mite pests. For more active measures you can take help from professional landscaper and exterminators for the selection and up keeping of all the elements of the landscape design and terminating the problem causing pests in your area.

Turning your old rocky, barren yard into a lush green space with pretty plants can provide you with a lot more than a good impression. If done well, landscaping can keep all the nasty intruders away from your property and let you enjoy the outdoor at peace.