We all know that in order to get the most and best service from your appliances, you need to maintain them accordingly. Without proper maintenance, you’ll have to deal with the numerous repairs from time to time.

This doesn’t have to cost you any money. All you need is to set aside some time to go through all your appliances. This is to better ensure they are in good conditions at all times.

You can do this twice a month if you wish.

Things to do to maintain your appliances

There are a few things you can do to keep your appliances in better shape. These things include what to do and what not to do.

  1. Overload

This is one thing a lot of people don’t understand. To some, the more clothes they are able to fit into one wash the better. Well, this is overloading your washing machine which causes a lot of damage. With too much laundry the washing machine struggles to agitate/spin which may destroy the motor and belts.

Overloading your washerThe best way to better utilize your washing machine is by first understanding with overloading, you are neither saving on water nor energy. You are rather destroying your appliance which will translate to expensive repairs or an even more expensive replacement.

So, ensure to avoid overloading no matter what your reasons may be.

  1. Cleaning refrigerator coils

Over time, your refrigerator may get clogged up with foreign substances which may cause it to stop working as needed. Since the coils are very important, you need to take a rag and wipe off any debris on the coils regularly.

If the debris is not taken care of, the refrigerator is forced to work twice as hard thus consuming too much energy and may end up heating up the motor. This will leave your refrigerator too worn out and it might stop working altogether.

Also, remember to check on the rubber found around the door to ensure the fridge is always airtight.

  1. Reduce appliance usage

I know you must be wondering why would I not use my appliances for the work they are intended for. Well, with this you just need to make the smallest changes. Don’t go all out and decide not to use your appliances. By just reducing the number of times you open your refrigerator, preheating the oven just before use and turning off after is a great start.

Remember that the more you use your appliances the more they wear out and require repairs and replacements.

  1. Clean your oven regularly

Your oven will always be filled with oils and food particles. This means you have to make it a habit to constantly wipe down the interior of your oven. However, some ovens are self-cleaning so to be safe avoid using chemicals to avoid destroying the inside appearance of your oven.

At the same time take to your stove and clean it thoroughly. Use a small brush to get into the burner and clean it well to ensure maximum efficiency.

Remember to make this a daily practice to ensure the dirt does not build up.

  1. Clean out your dishwasher

Despite the fact that your dishwasher is used to clean your dirty utensils, you still have to clean it too. If your dishwasher uses filters to trap food particles, then you should make it a point to remove the food particles once in a while to allow for a more efficient dishwasher. However, you can reduce the times you do this by rinsing your utensils before placing them into the dishwasher.

  1. Saving on energy

When it comes to electricity, there are a lot of appliances that use it to function. This means the electricity bill may shoot up if used incorrectly. When dealing with appliances like TV and computers, you find that we leave them on even for times when we are not using them. Whether they have a standby period set or not the appliances still draw on too much energy.

reducing electric billsKeeping in mind the fact that you need to save the energy being wasted, you will be sure to always turn off all the appliances you are not using. This will help your appliances last longer and serve you better. Remember the more you use them the more they wear and tear.

  1. Dryers

After every load of laundry, it is important to empty the lint trap and also clean the exhaust vents. This is to ensure that there is enough clean air circulation and the dryer is working at its best to ensure your clothes are dry as required.

It is also important to clean inside and also the outside of your dryers to ensure no dirt particles get clogged up in the vents.

It is also important to note that you should make maintaining your household chores a family thing. This is to ensure that your kids understand the importance of what you do and appreciate that the washing machine and fridge doors are not for their amusement. It also helps the kids gain a sense of responsibility.

When cleaning, make sure that all your appliances are not connected to electricity. This is to help avoid any unwanted accidents. Also, make sure to go through the instruction manual that comes with the appliances. This is to see whether there are any specifications on how to handle the appliances when cleaning them.

Maintenance is something that you can easily do on a regular basis. It will help you avoid experiences of faulty and inefficient appliances.

However, if any of your appliances fail, you should go for appliance repairs by professionals. This will save you a lot of time mainly because professionals don’t have time to beat around the bush. They will diagnose your problem accurately and recommend the next cause of action.

With professionals, you can be sure that your appliance will come back better than it went in. Always remember to maintain the appliances for peak efficiency and your full satisfaction.